Our History -

Isaacson Flower Farm is a family owned business established in 1975 by Joe and Eve Isaacson. The business is now managed by their son Keith Elan. Isaacson Flower Farm specializes in the growing of cut flowers, flowering pots and young plants. We have over 100,000 Sq/m of production; 40,000Sq/m heated greenhouses, 25,000 Sq/m unheated greenhouses, and the rest under shade.The main crop is Chrysanthemums for cut flowers and flowering pots. Other crops grown are Delphinium, Lilium, Gladiolis, Alstromeria, Kalanchoe, amongst others. Over the past five years the nursery has been expanded and



    is now producing young plants, specializing in Mediterranean climbers. We offer 8 different crops and more than 26 varieties of Open stock and 11 varieties of Private stock. The main crops are Dipladenia, Mandaville, Allamanda and Sundavilla. Mother plants are grown in heated greenhouses under high sanitation standards. We have a Euro Gap/Ecofresh certificate. The farm is situated in the arid northern Negev where there is abundant sunshine and an average annual rainfall of 180 mm. Our nursery is programmed to supply Young Plants year round. All shipments are done through our agents, Agrexco-Carmel whose world wide experience ensures that all products are delivered on time and in good condition.




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